Cafe & Bar


The lounge space is located just after the dirt floor, and not only guests, but anyone can enjoy meals and drinks at the cafe and bar.

The cafe and bar have different opening hours, so please check.


12: 00 ~ Evening ※ Only on weekends and holidays

Make lunch time just a little special.

We offer not only rice but also hand-dried coffee with a selection of beans carefully.

Please spend a relaxing time while watching the SL.


Evening ~ 22: 00

Regular holiday:December to March Monday to Thursday
 April-November Tuesday and Wednesday

※Please contact us the day before to request business on a regular holiday.

In the evening bar time, various people gather, such as neighbors, guests who have returned after finishing sightseeing, people who come in search of conversation with gathering people.

In addition to the classic beer, we also have a wide selection of sake and drinks from the places where you can talk.


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