703 Aobe, Kawanemoto-cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka 428-0417, Japan

・Access by train
■ Transfer to Oigawa Railway at Tokaido Line Kanayama Station
Kanaya Station → Aobe Station About 1 hour
1 minute walk from the nearest station

1. Get off the station and cross the track

2. Enter the small path on the right side of Gardur

3. Go straight down the small diameter

4. More straight

5. Go left at the end

6. Go straight and turn right

・ Access by car
■ About 1 hour from Tomei Expressway / Shimada Kanaya IC
About 1.5 hours from Shizuoka IC
■ Approximately one hour from National Route 1 / Mukoya IC

※ There is a parking lot (up to 10 cars)

1. Turn left with the sign as a reference. ※ From Shimada

2. Follow the road

3. Go straight

4. Turn right on curve mirror

5. Straight along the road

6. Go straight

7. The area surrounded by the fence on the right becomes the parking lot